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  1. I am a very difficult patient & Hv problems In undergoing any medical procedure. I was suffering for 2/3 yrs frm some gynecological issues. Many doctors tried to convince me but they were unable to do so. Then someone mentioned Dr Kala. I Hv to say her matter of fact attitude coupled with her sensivity to realise my inherent fear & her will to convince me by discussing the effects of postponing the procedure &,how I Hv to maybe suffer more was successful. I am happy to say that her diagnosis was accurate & now I am free of my ailment. I would highly recommend her to all my friends & fly.

  2. The Best Doctor ever ! I consult her for everything ! Knowing she is always there , just a phone call away gives me so much relief ! A very caring doctor and a thorough professional ! God bless her ….

  3. Sadhna is a very polite extremely knowledgeable and erudite person .Her face book posts make for compelling reading and discussions on her posts are mature with a lot of content but never aggressive and repulsive .Despite passing through a personal tragedy the like of which no one should suffer.. she has shown tremendous courage and faced life head on .. like few others . She is a avid traveller and has dedicated her life to help people who need her in her line of expertise.. I never have had the good opportunity to have met her as YET .. but will surely one day . My very best wishes

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