Dr Sadhana Kala is delicate to the concerns and apprehensions of youthful women who are beginning to understand about reproductive wellness. We will help clarify the changes happening for their bodies, how to well-being and health, and what to expect because they mature.

You should consider arranging an initial gynecologic examination for your daughter prior to college unless she actually is having menstrual complications or has become intimately active.

During a young woman’s first visit, the best gynecologist in Delhi will display screen for menstrual and development issues, and address topics including breast health, sexual acts, and birth control.

When your child be intimately active, she will even check for sexually transmitted infections. Pelvic examinations are only recommended for any woman who is intimately active, age twenty one or older, or perhaps who has a gynecologic problem. Dr Sadhana Kala also administers the vaccine that helps safeguard young women through the human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical malignancy.