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  1. We have known Dr Sadhana Kala since last 25yrs.She is a superb Dr who understands d Patient’s problem & cures it Properly. Being a Gynecologist she has been working on infertility & an expert in her field.As a Dr she is a great humanbeing &her Professional knowledge & dedication to her job is remarkable & par excellence.We wish her d Best in life.

  2. Ma’am is the perfect example of excellence beyond limitations…..she is the definition of perfection,credibility and most importantly love and affection…She is a healer…a mentor…a guide in true sense….!!!A ray of positivity and humbleness…Maam I am fortunate to know a person like you!!!

  3. Ma’am z excellence par boundaries…she is the definition of perfection…credibility n humility….I am so lucky n honoured to know a person like Dr.Sadhana Kaka.. She is indeed the best gynaecologist n an amazing human being!!!!

  4. “CANCER” is a scary word. When my mother had post-menopausal vaginal blood spotting, we rushed to Dr (Prof) Sadhana Kala. She said that this could be endometrial cancer. An Ultrasound and blood tests were done – ultrasound showed some irregularity. The latest uterine biopsy was done and this showed atypical cells. An MRI was done as well but it was clear. Prof Kala said cancer was still a possibility and recommended laparoscopic hysterectomy. We have such faith in Prof Kala that we readily agreed. During surgery, no signs of cancer were seen. Uterine cavity was clear. However, biopsy post-surgery confirmed endometrial cancer at an early stage, just as Prof Kala had diagnosed. At this stage, surgery is complete treatment and no other treatment would be required. But if treatment is delayed, then such cancer can be fatal. The complex surgery went off very well – my mother had hardly any post-op pain and is recovering well. Prof Kala has not only superb clinical and surgical skills, but she is also humane and available to patients 24X7. No words can describe what a wonderful doctor and human being Prof Kala is!

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