PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) happens not just in females, but in girls as little as 11! Polycystic ovaries are generally larger in dimensions and denser compared to the normal ovaries. This usually occurs when the sex hormones go out of stability and the body begins producing more men hormones resulting in the onset of several symptoms.


It is a condition where the ovaries cease working normally and the human hormones get out of balance, resulting in one or more symptoms—

  • Abnormal periods
  • Reduced male fertility
  • Abnormal weight gain or perhaps obesity
  • Heart (cardiac) complications
  • Acne or maybe skin rashes
  • Irregular hair growth or baldness


The cause is usually not clearly regarded, but it is considered to be hereditary and junk changes are also proven to play a significant part. Excess weight complicates the situation. Studies done internationally show that half of the women with PCOD are overweight.


One of the main problems is actually a hormonal imbalance within a woman’s body. Human hormones affect the entire body, which means this is what needs to be resolved first to steadily bring the body returning to its natural condition of balance. When the hormones are governed and stabilised, the majority of the associated health issues normally subside.