Because of Covid pandemic, and availability of broadband highspeed internet (100 to1,000 Mbps) and excellent virtual consultation platforms, more and more patients are opting for Online consultation. Since distance does not matter in such consultations, they are looking for the best doctor for themselves, even if she is far away.

Virtual consultation is from the comfort, privacy and security of your home or office. It is affordable, costs the same or less than in-person consultation. It saves travel time to and waiting time in doctor’s clinic. And precludes the risk of catching infection at the clinic or hospital. Your medical history, test reports and prescriptions are stored online and are readily accessible. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of the patients who experienced virtual consultation, approved it. In the US, 35% Americans go Online to find out their medical condition. As the technology advances, more patients will opt for Online consultation.

But how do you find the best doctor for yourself for Online, or for that matter in-person, consultation? Here is a template to help you. For a simpler illustration, a specialty and a city name has been used in the template. Replace these with the name of the specialty and the city that you wish to search for.

A. Illustration 1

Follow these steps:

  1. Search between 1000 am to 0100 pm, or 0500 pm to 0800pm IST.
  2. Open a browser, preferably Google Chrome or Safari.
  3. Go ‘Incognito’ (See Note 1 on how to do it).
  4. In the Search/Tool Bar that opens, type “”
  5. Search for one of these terms:
  1. In the page that opens, scroll down till you see the map (Names above the map are advertisements).
  2. Below the map are ‘3-Pack’the top three results for your search term. But do not stop here.
  3. Select Rating “4.5 * * * * * and up” (See Note 2 on how to do it).
  4. In a column on the left of the map, ten names will appear.
  5. Look at the star rating and the number of Reviews it is based on, for example, “4.9 * * * * * (300).” The number in the parenthesis is the number of Reviews the rating is based on. Higher the star rating, and higher the number of Reviews, the better.
  6. Select three names and go to their website one by one. Look at:
  • Number of Reviews. Read a few.
  • Qualifications.
  • Academic Performance.
  • Specialized Training and where done.
  • Experience
  • Reputation of the hospital to which attached.
  1. Chose the Gynecologist who best meets your requirements.

Note 1. How to go incognito:

  • In Google search, in Search/Tool Bar at the top click on the three vertical dots on the extreme right (Highlighted in yellow).
  • In the menu that will open on the right, click third from top ‘New Incognito Window.’
  • Yahoo search bar as shown will open.
  • In the Search/Tool Bar type ‘’
  • Google Search Incognito will open.
  • In the search box type your search term.

Note 2. How to select rating

  • Below the map, on the left, the rating box (highlighted in light blue), click on the ‘down’ arrow.
  • In the Menu that opens click on “4.5 * * * * * star and up”

B. Illustration 2

Now practice by a search for “Best Gynec Laparoscopic Surgeon in Delhi NCR.”


Dr. Sadhanakala

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